At Have A Maids we believe that if we listen to our clients, put their needs first, do an excellent job, and adhere to the highest level of integrity, our business will be successful.  We believe that if we make a promise, we keep that promise.  We also believe that a job worth doing is worth doing right the first time. To keep our promise of cleaning your home right the first time, we go through great measures to find out your preferences, not ours. We then use our extensive training to properly clean and preserve the beauty of your home according to how you like it. More important to us, however, is our promise to preserve your privacy. In fact, we value nothing higher. 28 years and nearly 100,000 cleaned homes later, we still believe that.  Your home is your sanctuary. We strive to make it a cleaner sanctuary.

Have A Maids!

Come in!

Top to bottom clean
A typical Have A Maids visit will include these services:

  • Vacuum/Wash Floors
  • Vacuum Furniture
  • Clean Appliances
  • Clean and Scrub Sinks
  • Sanitize Counters/Backsplash
  • Empty Wastebaskets

  • Empty Ashtrays
  • Polish Chrome
  • Clean/Sanitize Shower
  • Clean Ceiling Fans
  • Clean Bathroom Mirrors
  • Clean Range and Refigerator TopType your paragraph here.